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When We Work

Mondays - Thursdays
We are available at other times for special situations!!
To sing successfully you need to understand:

* Microphone technique
* Vowels
* Consonants
* Audition guidelines
* Song study
* Vocal health
How We Work
We start students on their musical journey with our own warm ups and a few of the classics. Our journey begins with a song of their choice that they enjoy. By allowing the students to be part of the song choice process they begin to understand how to choose material that will enhance and create their own particular style. This allows students to be fully engaged and excited about developing their own brand.

Then the work really begins….

What We Learn
• How to breath properly
• Warm ups
• Ear to note training
• Diction
• Belting
• How to learn a song properly
• What to listen for in music
• Vocal dexterity
• Stage craft
• Mic Technique
• Range extension
• Muscle memory
• How to perform on stage
• General Mental performance related skills-that means discipline too!
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