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      Show case  

is in preperation at the moment. 

Rigorous focus is on helping our students develop their personal product. 

 We are now online!

Loads can be achieved Zooming!!!

Johan Laas you are a wonder.  Being able to trust the people you work with is an imperative and that is certainly the case with Johan, not only for me but for the students too.  Johan is a rock and encourages the students to grow off the                                    solid musical base he provides.

Term 2 - Back in the swing of things

During our break after Covid, I became a Granny to the most beautiful little girl.

But now it's back to the fun and beauty of singing and performance and developing our students potential as entertainers.

Our students have thrown themselves into their work and I marvel at their dedication, whether busy scholars or moms running around after kids.

We've nurtured young professionals to make a living out of this business.  

Please check out our newsletter to see where they're at.

Recording studio New.jpg
Recording Facilities 
Our studio offers wonderful facilities for students to develop their lessons into career opportunities. They can use the studio to edit backtracks, create their own unique backtracks, record their own singles or album with our own computerised orchestra. We can use the studio for pre-production and most post-production projects. If you have any enquiries in this regard please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for quotes and costings.
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   Upcoming Events



Can you guess the theme for our next Showcase?


You will have to watch this page to see!!!!


Watch other showcase's and projects by clicking the button below.

        MY        FAVOURITE       THINGS.            OUR FIRST LOCKDOWN                     PROJECT

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