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      Fourth term is imminently upon us


Rigorous focus is on helping our students develop their personal product. 

 We are now online!

Some of our amazing and talented students already stepping out and paving the way for their success

Lillian on the path to marriage is prepping to sing at her wedding.
David already in a band who has released his latest album and is a nominee for a SAMA award.
Harry is getting ready to take on bars and pubs.
Klara is getting her head around contemporary music vs opera.  And what a combo that is!
Zara stepping into the world of musical auditions and shows.

Recording studio New.jpg
Recording Facilities 
Our studio offers wonderful facilities for students to develop their lessons into career opportunities. They can use the studio to edit backtracks, create their own unique backtracks, record their own singles or album with our own computerised orchestra. We can use the studio for pre-production and most post-production projects. If you have any enquiries in this regard please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for quotes and costings.
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   Upcoming Events



Can you guess the theme for our next Showcase?


You will have to watch this page to see!!!!


Watch other showcase's and projects by clicking the button below.

        MY        FAVOURITE       THINGS.            OUR FIRST LOCKDOWN                     PROJECT

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