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The Kim Kallie Performance Academy offers professional training in singing performance, mic technique and audition preparation. You will be working with Vocalist Kim Kallie & Pianist Johan Laas
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Kim Kallie


Kim's experience in the Entertainment Industry began at the age of 8 with her mother Judy Page. They recorded a song called ‘Montreal’ which reached 10th place on the South African charts.

During her professional career Kim was involved in various Television Productions, the Recording Industry where she achieved numerous platinum albums, Musical & Industrial Theatre, Session singing, Jingle Work and has been part of many amazing Bands.

Kim then decided to share her vast experience and created her own Singing and Performance Academy.


Johan Laas


Johan is a superb pianist who has written, scored and produced many names in the South African music industry.


Johan was the musical director for Idols for 10 years. He now helps to create superstar students at the academy.


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We are a vocal and performance school, where people come to learn the art of getting more out of their voices than they ever thought possible.

We teach the skills required to help create a great artist, with thorough pre-performance prep, performance and post performance evaluation.

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"And a huge thank you to you Kim and Albert for making it such a safe space for us to explore the unknown and for all your insights, wisdom and love." - Shannon Pam

"Felt like I was so connected and aligned today. Floating. Awesome experience. Thank you all for making it my reality." - Nicole Cadis

"Thanks to all for the magical experience, a real journey of (re)discovery! I think 'I finally found my way'!" - Juliet

"I started with Kim Kallie Performance Academy three years ago. In those three years I have completely transformed as an artist, as well as a performer. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone with the benefit of unlocking many different parts of myself that I never thought I could achieve. I have been given many amazing opportunities to perform though the academy, which has not only improved my stage presence and confidence but also my ability to handle my nerves effectively. The academy provides a safe space for all artists to try new things and not be afraid to fail" - Lia Schwendinger

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"I started with KKPA 2 years ago. The academy has helped me improve my breathing technique and diction. They have also helped me immensely in my stage performance and confidence. I wouldn’t have been able to prepare fully for my band performances or any shows without them. I’m very grateful to be able to get this support and guidance for my singing and have learnt so many new things." - Gemma Schwendinger


"I am writing to you to express our gratitude on your and Johans contribution to Scot’s music career. The Kim Kallie Performance Studio has now been part of our lives going on three years and we have seen our son grow from strength to strength. The extra effort that you show towards the students is commendable.

We also experienced the commitment during Covid19 where you have facilitated online training and even recorded a video.

Since joining the school we have seen tremendous growth in Scot not only in his music career but his personal growth and level of confidence.

We are truly grateful for all you have done and continue to do. Thanks " - Mandy Jordaan

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