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Just like a baby learning to walk, the skills taught at the Kim Kallie Performance Academy absorb into the long term memory and are accessed when needed.
The academy teaches students how to make commercial songs of their own and help songwriters develop into individual products. During their time at the academy each student develops a repertoire of songs that become very valuable for auditions and performances.
Kim Kallie Performance Academy cover all genres of music except opera. The students are watched, critiqued and ‘grown’ from all sides and each term has it goals, which focuses on different growth aspects of each student

Student Accomplishments

Kristi Lowe

Kristi has been performing since she was 15, at which age she produced her first single “I need more time” with SA band Goodluck. Since then Kristi has performed at a number of high-level charity, sports and awards events, as well as opening at the 2018 World Symposium on Pulmonary Hypertension in Nice, France.


Sivu is a talented vocalist who has begun writing his own music. He can act and sings beautifully and has an engaging personality. He has recently made his way into singing Jazz. He also sings many other genres very comfortably.

Gabriella du Plessis

Gabriella was a student at the academy for a number of years, she sings and plays the piano. She entered Idols at the age of 16 and got to the final top 16. She was one of the youngest contestants. She now has a release of her own out called ’Not looking for love’. Her professional career has begun!


Lia has recently been accepted into BIMM - London Music College. She is a very accomplished singer who is now ready to take her songwriting, singing and acting to the next level. She was recently on the Ryan O’Conner show singing live to thousands of people who stopped their cars to phone in to say how her performance had moved them.

Scarlet Osborne

Scarlet is definitely theatre material. She will be a very good actress one day, her acting ability comes through in her singing as she creates characters with every song she does.

She recently sang at a function in Scotland with a String Quartet

Carla Bernal.jpg
Carla Bernal

Carla has been with KKPA since inception 5 years ago and has participated in every Showcase since. Carla performed with Divas for the “Divas Unite” Women’s day concert at the Grand West Arena, plus a number of school performances, both playing the piano and singing.

Daniel van Houten

Daniel joined the Academy at the end of 2018, and this is his third Showcase. He is currently in matric, and loves to make music with his friends. He also releases music independently.

Catherine Wichary.jpg
Catherine Wichary

Catherine performed at Divas Unite in 2016, and as Madame de la Grande Bouche in her school musical “Beauty & the Beast” in 2017. She has been part of her primary and senior school choirs since 2013, and loves playing the piano and guitar. Catherine joined KKPA in 2017.

Claudia Anderson

Music has been a part of Claudia’s life as far back as she can remember – not a day goes by without her singing, humming or playing an instrument. Her passion for music grew over time and challenged her to try harder and expand her knowledge. Music is Claudia’s creative outlet, and her voice of expression. 

Scot Jordaan

Scot’s passion for music and especially singing started at the young age of five. He first experimented with keyboard and then moved to piano, and has recently discovered electric guitar as his true love. 

Grace-Ann Samson

Grace-Ann comes alive when on stage performing and singing, and has been with KKPA since 2016. Her greatest passions are tennis, speech and drama, singing and dancing as well as chess. 

Hannah Cragg

Hannah has been a student of KKPA since 2016, and is a keen actress as well as nurturing her love of singing. In 2017 she participated in an acting workshop in New York. Hannah has recently been involved with Chicago the musical, her school production. 

Daniella Jähnig

Daniella has performed in various choirs and stage productions over the years, with a versatile vocal range from alto to soprano. She will be participating in her school’s Chorale at the World Choir Games in 2020. Daniella plays the violin, guitar, ukulele and keyboard, and is active in drama, modern dancing, and other sports.

Meleah Ekbergh

Meleah was born in Sweden but has lived in Cape Town since 2004. She's been with KKPA since inception and loves her lessons and showcases, and has grown immensely as an artist. Meleah does music as a subject and is very active in the music life of the school.

Rania Ahmed

Rania joined KKPA in early 2019 and is a newbie to the Academy. She is currently in Grade 10, and music has always been her passion. She is no stranger to the stage, having performed at school from an early age.

Sarah Pearce

Sarah has been with KKPA since 2016, and received Eisteddfod Honours two years running.

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